ISM & Document Management

    ISM & Document Control Management

    You can manage your documents related to operations, ISM, crew, technical, and all other departments from a single screen. Nozzle provides the categorization of all the company’s records that need to be transferred to the ships and create a guide.

    In the maritime sector, as in other sectors, it is essential that the sharing within the company and between the fleets is fast and under complete control. With Nozzle, it is possible to categorize and organize all the documents of the company and the documents that need to be transferred to the ships on a single screen. Speed and complete control in the maritime industry are possible with software solutions.

    With the Nozzle document management system, you can facilitate document sharing within the company and fleet and complete control over the documentation by specifying the files to be shared with the fleet. Nozzle brings a new breath to the maritime industry with its software solutions.

    Why Nozzle ISM & Document Module?


    With this feature;