Procurement Management

    Procurement solution in ship management

    You can monitor and follow the procurement process of all the products and materials needed by the ship from the supply areas on a single screen, and compare prices and products.

    It has been created to facilitate the work of the shipping industry with a user-friendly interface for the management of  purchasing processes of all materials needed by a ship, whether it is spare parts, provisions or consumables.

    With the software solution developed by Nozzle’s expert team,  difficult process between the ship, the company, the purchasing department and the supplier is easily managed with the Procurement module.


    Why Nozzle Procurement Module?

    What is IHM?

    Inventory of Hazardous Materials(IHM) is a procedure established for ship owners and fleets to maintain control of hazardous materials by detailing the types, quantities and locations of hazardous materials on board.

    According to the EU Ship Recycling Regulation, all in-service vessels of 500 GT or more calling at an EU port or anchorage are required to have a valid and certified Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) on board.

    IHM is a structured system for controlling hazardous materials on ships and for the Safe and Environmentally Responsible Recycling of Ships.

    In order to ensure compliance with this procedure, information about the harmful substances in the products to be supplied by the suppliers is provided on a single screen through this module.

    Opportunities of Nozzle Procurement Management Module

    Materials and products determined by the ship are requested with impa codes. This request is instantly transmitted to the screen of the company purchasing department with the Nozzle software.

    Purchasing department receives offers from suppliers in line with variables such as port and product from the request for quotation screen. In line with these offers, it creates an offer for the purchase it deems appropriate.


    The quotation created by the purchasing department is forwarded to the company’s approval mechanisms. Here the purchase offer is accepted or rejected.

    After the approval of the purchase offer deemed suitable for the company, the procurement process begins. Here the Nozzle software offers the opportunity to monitor and analyze the process.

    There is a customizable, note-taking and attachment-addable panel structure for the desired product or materials. This panel has a user-friendly structure that speeds up communication and facilitates process management.

    It contains information about the claims of the suppliers and the faulty or successful procurement processes they have made in the past. It facilitates the work of the purchasing department by providing comprehensive data.