Crew Management

    Maritime Crew Management

    NOZZLE is a cloud-based application containing all the features needed for crew management. Recruitment and selection of a suitable seafarer is crucial in the maritime industry.

    NOZZLE crew management software meets the needs of ship owners, ship operators, and crew management firms. It makes selecting, recruiting, training, planning, and promoting your crew and payroll calculation a simple process with a robust software system.

    NOZZLE will reduce the workload, save, and display all the certificates, documents, and information on a single screen and help you meet the worldwide regulations such as Tanker Management and Self-Assessment (TMSA), IMO (International Maritime Forum), OCIMF (The Oil Companies International Marine Forum), and BMSA (Bulk Carrier Management Self Assessments).

    Why Nozzle Crew Management Module?

    Advantages of Nozzle Crew Management Module

    Opportunities of Nozzle Crew Management Module

    This is where the details of the contact in the crew are located. Active employees or quitters; Can be filtered and searched by certificate, age, ship. Here is the crew’s name, age, active employment status, duties, qualifications, age, nationality, and whether they are currently on board.

    It is the area where the ranks assigned to the ships are made. Here, the officers in need of the ship can be assigned to the vessel digitally, and the details of the ship can be viewed. While the assignment of suitable persons to the task is made from this screen, personnel changes on the vessel can also be made.

    On this screen, all personnel is displayed on a single screen, and information is given for the actions to be taken. This information is in rank, qualification, crew start date and end date, and remaining days in the ship.

    It is a screen that shows the information and certificates whether the crew is the inactive sea or not according to the selected ship in fleet management. It gives warnings for expired certificates.

    All the company’s payment information will make or make to the crew by month or throughout the year on this screen. This information; shows the employee’s start and end date and all deductions and promotions such as basic salary information, seniority equivalent, advance information, and shopping onboard.

    All forms such as Assignment form, Designation form, ITF Employment Contract, Employment Contract, Certificate of Sea Service are converted into printable forms, and contracts are quickly prepared in an electronic environment.

    It is a training page that can be viewed by selecting the ship, crew, or training base. This is the area where all training on the vessel or in the company is followed. Personal training on the ship is also displayed in this area.

    This screen allows the crew’s clothing and ship materials to be tracked and the stock information to be easily made.